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    Jual Solar Panel 10 watt Monocristalin

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SOLAR PANEL  10W (Monocristalin)


 SHINYOKU® is high quality remote energy system that designed to provide

superior value and performance for remote rural and industrial use. Made of multicrystalline silicon solar cells, it’s costeffective

power both for DC loads and AC loads with inverter.



Model Solar Panel               : 10W (Monocristalin)

Max. Power (Wp)                    : 10Wp

Max. Voltage (Vmp)                : 17V

Max. Current (Imp)                   : 0.59A

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)    : 21.5V

Short Circuit Current (Isc)       : 0.68A

Working Time 3 Continuous Rainy Days

Size                                           : L x W x H 396x289x23mm

Glass                                         : 392x285mm

Cell                                            : 125x125mm

Weight                                      : 1.4Kg



• Directly converts solar energy into electric energy

• High-efficient solar cells construction

• High transmissivity low-iron 3mm toughened glass

• Robust and Corrosion Resistant

• Light anodized aluminum



• Residential and Industrial Solar Power Systems

• Remote Villages, Medical Facilities In Rural Areas,

• Traffic Light, Railway Signal,

• Street Lighting,

• Drinking & Livestock Water Pumping

• Small-scale irrigation pumping



Untuk Pemesanan / order Silahkan Tlp / sms ke: 0819.318.32865

email ke : indosunergy@ yahoo.com


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